I am the one known as “The Universal Soul,” a popular blog that has had nearly 60,000 reads.

“Carry Your Cross” is my short story published at about God’s belief in your abilities and his purpose for you:

My series on yoga can be found at here:

My professional photography can be found at

My novel in progress, which is a family saga about the secrets we keep and the ramifications that follow will hopefully be finished in the next two years. After, I hope to seek a literary agent and publication on the working title A Bend in the Universe.

My short story “The 123rd Step,” about a young couple’s heartbreaking loss, is being considered for a Writer’s Digest competition. I am currently working on a short story for magazine submission about a decades-old secret that comes to light by happenstance and threatens to destroy the lives of an elderly couple and their adult children. It is called “42 Years.” Both short stories are a part of my on-going short story collection, The Interiors, I’d like to published one day. I’ve learned that writing, after creativity, is about patience and perseverance.