What Nature Has to Say

What Nature Has to Say
By Kimberly Phinney

My heart bled for you so I went outside
to watch the life you were losing dance
around in other things.

I needed that much—
an act of preparation, a memoriam.
And you needed it, too.

I was being preemptive—I know, worrying
I’d only find you here when you were gone
from the couch you inhabit now.

Why can’t we stop the universe?

There, I felt the newly-born morning dew on
the blades of grass as they baptized
my toes in ceremony.

And I watched the clouds peppering the robin
sky with heart-shaped billows until
they disappeared.

Will we ever dance again?

Then I smelled the sweet camellias as they swayed
their white velvety petals in a waltz
with the morning air.

And I heard the mockingbirds singing prayers
and telling stories to the morning sun
as she rose to their calling.

Can we resurrect all that will be lost?

Then I saw the leaves in the large banyan tree die
and resurrect as the rustling wind
breathed them to life again.

And I witnessed a bumblebee meditate on
Mom’s sweet basil, going bud to bud
as he pollinated the world.

What is the world?

And then I heard the voice of God
say sit in this space and
stay a while.


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