Brave One

Brave One

By Kimberly Phinney

Brave one, don’t you know? Leaving isn’t quitting; it’s growing. And sometimes it’s transcending. The power in your life isn’t for others to decide; your power comes from your own decisions. Decisions to say “Yes” or to say “No more.” You know your truth as much as you know your own breath… Listen. Pay no mind to what the others may say and be bold enough to blaze a new path.

Everything waits for you on the other side of fear. Everything you dreamed of is waiting for you to believe. Step out, brave one, on faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your purpose, and beyond everything else, faith in the God of the Universe.

You are not the trembling daisies in the storm. You are not the storm. You are not the drowning cricket in the flood. You are not the flood. You are the sky- the wild and blue and promising sky- and everything else is just the weather.

You are the canvas, brave one. A blue sky canvas. So what will you do with your space but make it your masterpiece? There is no other way. Anything less will break your heart. Anything else will deny the world of its inheritance.

The world’s inheritance is you, brave one.

Leave a legacy.

 [written at 32/on the precipice of changing everything]

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